First Aid and CPR

First Aid and CPR

First Aid and CPR

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Would you know just how to react if someone near you passed out? How would you manage the situation if that happened? What if someday you walked into the office kitchen to see a friend passed out or saw your colleague passed out on the construction site?

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Training Duration 30-hour course
IACET Credits
Course Delivery

What steps would you ensure to keep their vitals kicking until first aid emergency services arrive? The online first aid and CPR training course provided by Safety Education Online helps you ensure the safety of your friends and family in the case of a safety hazard. It also helps control bleeding and prevent possible cases of poisoning from aggravating. This first aid suite is ideally meant for everyone, but people working in industries with high risk should best take it soon.

Program Overview

  • The program is available to all employees and organizations based in the United States
  • The program comes with six-month requirements for completion
  • The program provides 24/7 access to all course material under OSHA
  • The program comes with safety training for all professionals monitoring work on the field
  • There is a printable diploma available as well with completion
  • The program comes with an OSHA card for completion

Since every organization comes with different requirements, we provide specific courses tailored to your requirements. The pricing for each course is hence devised to meet your specific requirements. The online mode of training ensures that students can connect online from literally anywhere.

  • The course comes with a significant course library that can help organizations search the right course for them and build a suite.
  • There are convenient email receipts available for milestones and progress.
  • The 24/7 access to detailed reports and training courses can help streamline results for the better.
  • Interactive courses
  • The program accepts payment from all major credit card vendors across the United States
  • The program and the website come with 24/7 support around the clock to answer all queries that customers might have.